C H Â T E A U  d e  C i b i o u x
History from the 8th Century to the present day


This site occupied since the 8th Century is offered by the


Count Roger de Limoges to the monastery of Charroux that


he has just founded. After the defeat of the armies of the


kingdom of France, Poitou became English possession. The


English archives confirm that in 1361, the King of England


Edward III offers the Seigneury of Cibioux to a French knight


who fought alongside the Black Prince

In 1459, King Louis XI's doctor will be the proud


owner. In the seventeenth century, wars of


religion devastated part of the castle.

It was acquired in 1651 by Jean du Reclus, then Maître d'Hotel


of King Louis XIV. He restored the castle, and developed it in


the style of the seventeenth century, more pleasant to live,


abandoning the medieval and defensive aspect of the










In 1789, the French Revolution did not spare this


building. The Cropte of Sainte-Abre (large


family related to Salignac La Mothe Fénelon,


which like the Du Relus were from Périgord)


then lord of Cibioux, emigrated.






The castle was then invaded, partly damaged and then sold


as national property. In 1945, it ceased to be inhabited and


slowly deteriorated, in 1979 the roof of the main building


collapsed. The castle was sold at the end of 1979. Since then,


its restoration has been undertaken by the new owner.




Defense towers, machicolation, pregnant, bring


us the testimony of the feudal era. XVth century


building decorated with a lovely loggia lined


with small balusters under which is the chapel,


ogival door framed by two windows entablature,


Renaissance sculptures. The beautiful terrace


lined with large balusters is eighteenth


century and gives this set a lot of charm.